20 kVA gensets


The 20 kVA genset comes with a power rating of 16 KW. The noiseless technology ensures a sublime experience. The 2 cylinders ensures you never have to worry about power cuts.


Power Rating (kVA) 20
Power Rating (KW) 16
Current (Amperes) 87/27.8
No. of Phase 1/3
Power Factor 0.8
Canopy Dimension (LxWxH) 1175x828x1400

Engine Specifications

Engine model 2A2D1C-18.81W
Rate power in kW (hp) 18.8(25.6)
Aspiration TCIC
Cooling System
Starting System
No. of Cylinders 2
BorexStroke (mm) 87x100
Displacement (Liters) 1.189
Engine speed (RPM) 1500
Compression Ratio 17.5:1
Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters) 75
Lube oil specifications 15W40 Ci4+
Lube oil Capacity (Liters) 4.5
Total Coolant Capacity (Liters) 5.5
Genset Dry Weight (kgs) 710