5 kVA gensets


Presenting the Cooper Bolt Mini, the new efficient, compact and powerful genset from Cooper Corporation.

The cooper Bolt mini is small in size but high on performance. It is ideal for homes, clinics shops, offices, workshops, construction and more. Taking care of compliance to emissions norms, they are not only good for the enviroment but also for your pocket. Moreover, the low noise levels keep you relaxed during power cuts. These 5 KVA gensets deliver 4000 W of prime power and are one of the most high-efficiency gensets available in the market.


Power Rating (kVA) 5
Power Rating (KW) 2.8/4
Current (Amperes) 15.2/21.7
No. of Phase 1/1
Power Factor 0.8
Canopy Dimension (LxWxH) 1100x733x955

Engine Specifications

Engine model 2E1D1A6.95UA
Rate power in kW (hp) 7(9.5)
Aspiration Naturaly Aspirated
Cooling System Air Cooled
Starting System 12V
Governing G2
No. of Cylinders 1
BorexStroke (mm) 87x72
Displacement (Liters) 0.428
Engine speed (RPM) 3000
Compression Ratio 20:01
Fuel Tank Capacity (Liters) 13
Lube oil specifications CI 4 plus, 15W40
Oil Sump Capacity (Liters) 1.5
Lube Oil Consumption 0.01 % of Consumotion