Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


ABS provides AMC support after warranty which is crucial for smooth operations as the power solution equipment are to be used for many years and hence require maintenance on a regular basis. It can be extended upto two or more years as per the requirement. The benefits of AMC are:

  • AMC helps you avoid high repair costs and helps you from unexpected damages.
  • AMC services include regular check-ups of products and provides spare parts if needed.

We have two types of AMC which can be opted as per your requirement:
  • Non Comprehensive: It includes only service charges and visit charges of instrument. Spare’s cost is always extra.
  • Comprehensive: It includes service charges + Visit Charges + Spares cost.

AMC of Multi-brand UPS Systems

ABS can support and maintain almost every type of UPS system through our well trained engineers and technician and our specialist multi-vendor service.

AMC of Genset

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) – Non comprehensive

Single Point Service Contract: Under this package we will provide the service to the complete engine, Alternator and Control panel on schedule basis or as and when required.

  • To depute service representative minimum 01 regular preventive maintenance visits per DG set Per month
  • Over and above 02 Break down / Emergency visits to attend the DG sets as required.
  • Service Representative will carry scheduled preventative maintenance checks on Diesel Generating Set in consultation with customer.
  • Recommend / suggest improving / correcting maintenance / operation and performance.
  • To carry out necessary repairs, adjustments of assemblies, subassemblies. For keeping the DG set in good working condition.
  • Replace minor parts (ie-Hoses, Filters), subassemblies as and when required from customers stock.
  • Check engine performance during visit.
  • Report on the performance or any other abnormality and inform parts requirement. Submit report on work done and recommendations as well as parts offer to concern authority for procurement.
  • Attend emergency calls on priority (usually same day, within 02-04 hrs.) if received with in working hours if the call is received beyond working hours the call can be attended with 06- 08 hours depending on call log in time.
  • Repair under this contract does not include overhauling / top overhauling / Fuel Pump & Injectors
  • Replacement of major parts/ rewinding of Alternator, or repairs on breakdown of the DG set.
  • Supply parts required for such emergency on priority at an additional cost.
  • Train the customer's representative on operation & Maintenance of DG sets.
  • Assure trouble free performance of DG set.
  • To pre-intimate engine repair needs / overhaul based on engine performance.
  • Carry out Preventive checks during contract visits.
  • Check engine coolant condition every six months. If suggested for Lab test the same can be undertaken on chargeable basis.
  • Supervise the diesel tank (Day) cleaning every year / 5000 hrs. whichever is earlier with the help of customer,
  • Clean the PHE internally with the help of water & chemicals every Year or 6000 hours (labor and spares chargeable extra).
  • Check non wire breaded hoses and replace every 3000 hours/ 03 years’ time from customers stock.
  • Check winding insulation resistance of alternator every year or 5000 hours.
  • Check AVR connections & power cable connections for tightness every Six months / 1500 hours.
  • Checking of control panels wiring, instrumentation, contactor fuses, etc.
  • Alternator bearing greasing once in Six months.
  • Fan Hub Greasing once in a year.
  • Checking of Battery specific gravity every month and the condition of plates once in Six month and applying of the Petroleum jelly.
  • Checking the condition of Diodes / Rotating rectifier assembly once in six month.
  • Checking of all electrical connection for its proper tightness once in six months.
  • Service Contract will automatically cease to exist in the event of change of ownership or location of the above-mentioned engine/s from said location.
  • In case of Change in Location / Ownership customer will have to give at least a months’ notice and notice period will be charged on prorate basis.

We shall not be responsible for following:

  • Will not be responsible for any consequential damages/losses to the property as well as expanses of whatsoever nature incurred by customer directly or indirectly due to non-availability of engine/ DG set during the period of service contract. In all the events the liability of Sterling Generators is limited to repair of engine / DG set only.
  • Any direct or indirect loss arising out due to operational unavailability of equipment.
  • Any consequential damage/ loss or deterioration of customer property directly or indirectly attached and caused due to any type of reason related with the equipment referred under the contract.
  • Any damage due to unforeseen reasons, fire, flood, theft, pilferage, supply of bad fuel, accident or any leakage, short circuit or sudden malfunctioning or accidental failure.
  • Top overhauling, major overhauling of any equipment, rewinding of alternators / starters/ chargers, calibration/ testing of fuel pumps, Injectors repair or replacement of batteries or replacement of major parts.
  • Repair of Silencers, Radiators, Acoustic enclosures and exhaust piping, however the same can be
  • Undertaken on chargeable basis
  • Any damage to equipment due to human error ie- Service personnel / DG Operator, shall not be our responsibility, should be recovered through Insurance.
  • We strongly recommend that losses to such consequences should be covered under break down policy and it should be done by customer.

Customer Responsibility

  • To operate the set after checking oil, coolant levels every day and maintain logbook. Record of logbook will be made available to Service Engineer during his visit.
  • Customer shall stop DG set immediately & report any abnormality to Authentic Energy Solutions
  • To procure the spares as recommended by Service Engineer from Authentic Energy Solutions
  • To provide consumables, spares, fuel, lubricants and unskilled labor if required.
  • Allow only trained persons to operate the DG set.
  • Follow Engine Manufactures Maintenance & Operation recommendations
  • Keep all electrical gauges on electrical panel in good working condition.
  • You will acknowledge the work done by service engineer during his visit by signing the service report. You may put your remarks in customer column.

Additional checks once in a year depending on engine condition

  • Piping review and suggestion to carry out repairs/ modification, if required.
  • Exhaust temperature checking once in a year.
  • Heat exchanger / radiator performance check
  • Check Engine to alternator Alignment once in a year ( If applicable),