Amaron Quanta Batteries

AMARON QUANTA is the industrial segment SMF battery for UPS applications. This battery is built to perform. In short, the lifeline to your UPS applications. AMARON QUANTA is a product of fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology, produced and tested in our premier manufacturing facility. Built to the highest technical competence in its class, the AMARON QUANTA is an example of Amara Raja's commitment to bringing the best of technology to your table. It features several firsts for the battery industry like the unique Radgrid.

Performance Edge

Amaron Volt is the latest product offering from Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is the 2V High Integrity Series from Amaron Hi Life Battery range. Amaron Volt incorporates the cutting edge technology offering an unbeatable value proposition for the demanding applications in back-up power. Amaron Volt is designed to be a robust, enduring and reliable Battery fulfilling all your requirements of back-up power for critical applications even in harsh outdoor environments.

  • Robustness to core, suiting Outdoor / rural /off - grid / Critical Installations
  • Highest cyclic life, for most competitive Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Substantially higher OPEX savings and Lowers carbon footprint
  • Excels in PSOC operations to suit Demanding application
  • Reliable for maintenance free operation
  • Technology with high energy density
  • Best in class deep Discharge Quick Recharge Characteristics
  • Time tested & High end VRLA Technology For Telecom Networks
  • World Class Aesthetic and User friendliness