UPS Services

ABS give utmost importance to after sales support. In fact, we consider support service as the core of their business. Every business undertakes extreme pleasure to sell product. However, a very few give equal importance to provide support to their customers after sales. At ABS, after sales service is considered to be as vital importance. Our Service Dept. is well equipped with all the relevant Equipment & Instruments required for testing and repairing of UPS System. ABS is widely known in the power industry for immense and flawless support when it comes to matter related to UPS systems &/or Batteries, High capacity inverters and other Power conditioning products. The organization is well supported and experienced professional engineers in the field of Power Industry with specialization in High Capacity Online UPS systems for its component level repairs and maintenance.

Our Services:
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Warranty Support
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • Maintenance & Repair on call basis
  • Upgrade of existing UPS
  • Dismantling /Shifting and installation

Installation & Commissioning

ABS offers its services to co-ordinate the logistics of your installation from on-site delivery of products to scheduling installation and commissioning, ensuring a quick and efficient implementation and an optimal configuration of your power protection equipment.

Warranty Support

We ensure manufacturer warranty support like secure, repair, replace against manufacturing defects within a specific time and as per the terms and conditions Servicing is module based. Our service centres are equipped with requisite logistic supports for emergency and routine services. We provide product training to our customers to avoid undue break downs. Out motive is to keep our customer tension free.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

ABS provides AMC support after warranty which is crucial for smooth operations as the power solution equipment are to be used for many years and hence require maintenance on a regular basis. It can be extended upto two or more years as per the requirement. The benefits of AMC are:

  • 1. AMC helps you avoid high repair costs and helps you from unexpected damages.
  • 2. AMC services include regular check-ups of products and provides spare parts if needed.
  • We have two types of AMC which can be opted as per your requirement:
  • Non Comprehensive: It includes only service charges and visit charges of instrument. Spare’s cost is always extra.
  • Comprehensive: It includes service charges + Visit Charges + Spares cost.

AMC of Multi-brand UPS Systems

ABS can support and maintain almost every type of UPS system through our well trained engineers and technician and our specialist multi-vendor service.

Ad-hoc Maintenance & Repair

ABS can provide on-site UPS and servo stabilizer maintenance and repair services for any existing system even if it is not covered by a service or maintenance contract.


ABS offers product training for customers on commissioning and start up sequence, product usage, maintenance, trouble shooting, preventive measures, etc

Up-gradation of existing UPS

ABS can also replace and exchange the existing UPS to enable the customer for better technology or scale to higher power rating to enable to get maximum performance of power protection systems.